Daily Rates

A day of attendance at Pleasantries, Monday through Friday, includes up to 8 hours between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm. It also includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, all day activities, entertainment, and day trips.

Minimum of 2 days per week of attendance.

Cost for 2 days per week…… $250.00

Cost for 3 days per week…… $330.00

Cost for 4 days per week…… $440.00

Cost for 5 days per week…… $500.00

Pleasantries does not accept insurance and is private pay only. Some long-term care insurance policies will reimburse the guest for services.

Additional hours of attendance beyond 8 hours…………… $25.00 per hour

Free Trial Day offered for all perspective Pleasantries’ guests.

Transportation is not provided. Pleasantries will suggest transportation options depending on what community the guest is from if family cannot provide transportation.