Getting Out Of The House Can Lead To a Longer Life

Getting out to the Ecotarium

Isolation and withdrawal are a common theme among older adults who are experiencing illness and multiple losses in their lives.  As we age, we are faced with the unknown hardships of life such as the loss of independence, loss of friends, loss of family, and for some the suffering of chronic illness.  These factors play a role in one’s likelihood to crawl up into a ball and hide in the constraints of home.  This will ultimately lead to depression, boredom, and worsening symptoms of any illness.  This study shows how as we age, we can improve our longevity by getting out of the house.  No matter what the challenge is to getting out, one should do everything possible to engage in cognitive, physical, and psychosocial activity.  The result of this engagement reduces symptoms of illness, depression, isolation, and boredom which ultimately lengthens lifespan.

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