Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pleasantries?

Pleasantries Adult Day Services is a social day program uniquely designed to support, connect and provide meaningful engagement for adults living with cognitive impairment in the Metrowest Boston area.

Pleasantries is situated in a residential home in Marlborough, providing a warm and comfortable setting where guests can feel at ease and be at their best.

Pleasantries Adult Day Services provides:

  • An 8-hour daily program (Monday-Friday) that guests can attend 2-5 days per week

  • Tailored programming led by a caring staff with years of dementia care experience

  • Nutritious and brain healthy breakfast and lunch (accommodating of guests’ dietary restrictions)

  • Enriching activities including:

    • Exercise

    • Music & Art Therapy

    • Nature Therapy

    • Cooking

    • Interactive Games

    • Intergenerational Programming

    • Outings

    • & more!

Please note that Pleasantries Adult Day Services offers a social model of care, which is different than traditional medical adult day programs.  Pleasantries is able to assist guests with the following:

  • Medication reminders

  • Cueing for continence and toileting

  • Light assistance with ambulation & transferring

What type of guest thrives at Pleasantries?

Pleasantries prides itself in offering an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals living with memory loss.  Pleasantries’ guests often have a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer's Disease, or another form of dementia.

While guests are in different stages of the disease, most guests are in the early-to-moderate stages, where they are able to perform most, if not all, Activities of Daily Living on their own.

Pleasantries is a social day program with a low staff-to-guest ratio; however, the program is not designed to accommodate guests that require full-time 1:1 attention.

What benefits will I receive by choosing Pleasantries Adult Day Services?

We take great pride in the quality of our programming and our staff.  Our days are structured yet free flowing, allowing guests to maintain autonomy and freedom.  Our dedicated staff, however, makes the difference. They absolutely love coming to spend the day with our guests, knowing that they will help facilitate “a better day” for all.

Residential Home-Like Setting: Situated alongside Fort Meadow Reservoir in Marlborough, coming to Pleasantries feels more like visiting family or friends than going to an “institution.” Our warm and inviting space diminishes angst for both guests and their families about where they will be spending their days.

Nutritious and Balanced Breakfast and Lunch: All Pleasantries meals are prepared in-house with fresh ingredients, allowing guests to benefit from the whole meal experience.  We strive to incorporate guests into the meal preparation process—from slicing and dicing, to taking in the aroma of a home-cooked meal, to sharing a meal with their friends.  Meal time is a great time for reminiscing and sharing stories.

Activities that Engage And Inspire:  Organic programming is our philosophy in how we approach our days.  Our focus is to stimulate both the mind and body through activities that are fun, spark connection, and bring purpose to our guests’ days.  Our best barometer of how someone’s day is going is not something tangible but rather their sense of calm, connectedness and being at peace our guests are able to experience.

Access to our Family Room Portal. This portal allows you to access the guest calendar, recorded care notes from care partners, chat features with Program Director, and online bill review and payment.

It seems like Pleasantries would be a great place for my loved one.  However, my loved one doesn’t think s/he needs “help”?

We understand that those living with dementia often lack insight into their own deficits, making caring for a loved one with this disease potentially even more challenging.  We strongly urge families to not try and reason with loved ones, but rather apply the basic principles of the habilitation model developed by the Alzheimer’s Association. We also encourage families to think about using a “therapeutic fiblet” to protect our guests’ dignity and willingness to attend Pleasantries.

Many guests think that they are coming to volunteer, going to a “social club,” or visiting a friend’s home.  We are happy to speak with you about how to best position Pleasantries for your loved one, so you are faced with less resistance and more acceptance about participating in our program.


What are Pleasantries rates?

Pleasantries is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm, and allows guests and their families to select an 8-hour schedule that best fits their needs.  Guests have the flexibility to attend anywhere from 2-5 days per week.

2 days/week - includes breakfast, lunch, all programming, outings, and a low guest-to-staff ratio $140/day
3-4 days/week - includes breakfast, lunch, all programming, outings, and a low guest-to-staff ratio $125/day
5 days/week - includes breakfast, lunch, all programming, outings, and a low guest-to-staff ratio $115/day

Pleasantries Monthly Financial Comparison:

  • Pleasantries Adult Day Services (5 days/week)

    • Monthly Cost: $2,300

    • Meals included? Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks

    • Group or 1:1? Group

  • Non-medical home care (5 days/week)

    • Monthly Cost: $4,500

    • Meals included? None

    • Group or 1:1? 1:1

  • Memory Care Assisted Living (24/7)

    • Monthly Cost: $7,500-9,500

    • Meals included? All meals

    • Group or 1:1? Group

Pleasantries Monthly Financial Comparison:
Offering/Cost Pleasantries Adult Day Services (5 days/week) Non-medical home care (5 days/week) Memory Care Assisted Living (24/7)
Monthly Cost $2,300 $4,500* $7,500-9,500*
Meals included? Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks None All meals
Group or 1:1? Group 1:1 Group

*Please note that prices lists above for non-medical home care and Memory Care Assisted Living are based on local industry averages only

How often do you bill for your services?

We invoice every four weeks for our services. Invoices are either emailed and/or mailed, and our preferred payment method is via check.

Does insurance cover Pleasantries services?

At this time, there are three ways to pay for Pleasantries Adult Day Services: private pay, Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi), or VA Benefits.  If you have LTCi or may qualify for VA Aid & Attendance benefits, please contact the Program Director, who can help guide you through the process.

Does Pleasantries offer transportation to/from my home?

At this point in time, Pleasantries does not offer transportation.  However, we partner with transportation services that we can connect you with.


"Pleasantries was a life-saver for our family. It's very difficult to care full time for someone with Dementia or Alzheimer's. When my mother was diagnosed with early onset Dementia, my father was able to have my mother cared for at Pleasantries during the day so he could continue working. The staff are so loving and kind to everyone that is cared for there and provides fun activities each day to engage all participants. I would highly recommend Pleasantries to anyone who needs help caring for someone." -Jenn B., daughter of Pleasantries guest