Meet Regina - Program Director at Pleasantries!


Amidst all of the exciting changes we’ve had going on at Pleasantries Adult Day Services, we never had the chance to formally introduce our new Program Director, Regina Wolf Fritz, so this blog post is all about her! Regina is a Certified Nursing Assistant and Dementia Care Practitioner who worked at Pleasantries a number of years ago as an intern and care partner. After receiving her Masters Degree in Elder Care Management from Lasell College and then working at Rogerson House, Regina is back with us as Program Director, which we’re thrilled about.

Upon rejoining our team in late-fall, Regina dove head first into enhancing our programming, creating a daily and weekly rhythm, filling our guests’ days with exercise, cooking, outings, music and art therapy, interactive games, celebrations and more. What makes Pleasantries so special is our outside-of-the-box programming, which keeps our guests as engaged, connected and independent as possible. Creating a better day, each and every day for our Pleasantries guests and family members is our number one commitment, and our enhanced offerings are focused on providing a balance of both cognitive and physical stimulation, plus a whole lot of fun in between.

Some fun activities Regina has brought to our program include field trips to Tower Hill Botanic Garden and the Fitchburg Art Museum, Friday Happy Hour, gardening and flower arranging, bi-weekly visits from an art therapist, music with Marlborough High School students, pet therapy and more. She’s also revamped our menu offerings, which our guests and staff have thoroughly enjoyed!

Regina believes that “small is beautiful” and loves the fact that Pleasantries is a home-based program with an intimate number of guests and staff. She believes this allows for everyone  to be their authentic selves while at the program, generating a true feeling of home. We truly love her commitment to enabling everyone at Pleasantries to live their lives to the fullest, in a community and supportive  environment that allows for as much independence as possible for your loved ones.

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Regina Gardening at Pleasantries
Josh Obeiter