What is an Adult Day Service Program and Is It Right for Your Loved One?

Pleasantries Adult Day Service

When an adult loved one, often a parent or grandparent, begins to need more support with daily life it can be tough to determine exactly what their needs are and how to best address them. Losing the ability to take care of oneself, especially if it’s due to cognitive loss, Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia, as is often the case, is very distressing - both for the person it’s happening to and for their loved ones. If you find yourself worrying about your loved one throughout the day when you are not able to be there to help them, or you feel they would benefit from more stimulation and the companionship of others while you’re not there, an adult day service program like Pleasantries may be the right solution.

Pleasantries Adult Day Services program offers a social day program designed to support, connect and provide meaningful engagement, with many enriching activities like music and art therapy, cooking, nature therapy, games, outings and more. It’s all based in a warm and comfortable “at home” setting that feels like a residential house, so guests feel like they’re just visiting a friend for the day.

Pleasantries is led by caring staff with years of dementia care experience. Our Program Director, Regina Wolf, is a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Dementia Care Practitioner, with a Masters degree in Elder Care Management. She designs each day at Pleasantries to include stimulating and enjoyable programs tailored to the individuals in attendance.

One of the benefits of an adult day service program is that families can choose send their loved ones as two days per week, for minimal care, a way to break up the week, or to provide a few days respite for a main caregiver. But guests can also attend up to five days per week, for more ‘full-time’ care which is ideal when the main caregiver also has a full-time job and needs a solution for the entire workweek.

We know that caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging and stressful, and oftentimes an adult day service program may be just what they need. With programs rich with familiar activities and hands-on care, an adult say service programs offer a great fit for families and individuals that aren’t yet ready for a full time residential care facility. If you are interested in learning more about the program we offer at Pleasantries Adult Day Services and live in the Metrowest region, feel free to contact us.

Josh Obeiter