Welcome to Pleasantries Adult Day Services—a social day program uniquely designed to support, connect and provide meaningful engagement for adults living with cognitive impairment in the MetroWest area.

At Pleasantries, our focus is on creating a better day for everyone.  Our compassionate staff are well-versed both professionally and personally with the challenges that those living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias face each day, as well as the challenges that their loved ones caring for them also encounter.


Adult Day Services

Welcome to Pleasantries Adult Day Services—a unique social day program uniquely designed to support, connect and provide meaningful engagement for adults living with cognitive impairment in the MetroWest Boston area.




Pleasantries opened its doors in the fall of 2008 as one of the only social day programs in Massachusetts based out of a residential home. Over the course of the past decade, Pleasantries has supported over 150 guests and their families.



guests Per Day

Pleasantries caps daily attendance at 15, facilitating a intimate and personal environment for our guests and staff to go about their day with ease, calm and normalcy. Our tranquil home allows guests to feel as though they’re visiting a friend’s house versus a more traditional “facility.”




While it’s challenging to measure subjective data, families of Pleasantries’ guests often tell us that having Pleasantries as part of their care plan for their loved one helped extend their time at home, and delayed their transition to a long-term care facility by over 18 months.


“My mother loves coming to Pleasantries. She is 90 years old and feels at home and comfortable with the staff and the other guests. She loves to play the piano, take walks and socialize with everyone. She lost her husband this summer and now lives with me, her daughter. I work full time and Pleasantries has allowed my mother to be in a home like atmosphere where I know she is cared for and is so happy. I cannot be happier with the staff and loving care that she is given.” - Linda G., Sudbury, MA


The Program

Unlike traditional care facilities, Pleasantries is situated in a residential home in Marlborough, MA, providing a warm and comfortable setting where guests can feel at ease and be at their best. Our diverse program offerings offer guests the opportunity for social, physical and emotional stimulation and support.



Our Staff

We take great pride in the devotion and care our staff brings to our guests each day.  Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds—from nursing to event planning to horticulture. However, their common thread is their passion for creating better days for those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Trained in dementia care best practices, our staff pour their heart and soul into everything they do to provide the highest quality and most dignifying memory care program in our region.



Frequently Asked Questions

As current and former family caregivers ourselves, we understand what you and your family are going through. We hope our Frequently Asked Questions as well as our guidance and support will allow for an informed choice in selecting a care option that best suits your family’s unique needs.


Other Offerings and Events

Caring for a loved one with dementia takes a village. We’re here to provide that extra layer of support through our monthly Memory Cafes, monthly Caregiver Support Groups and tight-knit Community Partnerships.


Memory CafEs

Pleasantries’ Create a Better Day Memory Cafes take place the 4th Sunday of every month, from 1:00-3:00pm at Pleasantries. All Memory Cafes are free and open to the community at large.

CAREGIVER Support Groups

Pleasantries facilitates a monthly Caregiver Support Group the 2nd Monday of every month from 6:00-7:30pm at Pleasantries. All caregiver support groups are free and open to the community at large.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are key when supporting someone with dementia as the disease inevitably progresses. We have relationships and connections to other highly reputable organizations, including our sister organization, Seniors Helping Seniors of Greater Boston & Metrowest.